Early Suffield Families

The settling of The Town of Suffield as part of Massachusetts began in 1670. The first settlers were all land grantees, given land if they moved to Suffield and improved their land. Between 1670 and 1682, grants of 40 to 60 acres were typically given depending on family size and status. The 30 families identified here were all proprietors [original land grantees] of the Town of Suffield. Other proprietors don't appear on this list because they moved away after a short time or never showed up at all. In general, three generations of data provided criteria for identifying the 30 familes listed here. Suffield is recorded as Suffield, CT in this Suffield database even though it was Suffield, MA until 1749.

Edward Allen
Anthony Austin
John Burbank
Edward Burleson
Thomas Copley
Launcelot Granger
Timothy Hale
Walter Halladay
Thomas Hanchett
John Harmon
Thomas Huxley
Samuel Kent
James King
Samuel Lane
Edmund Marshall
George Norton
Robert Old
Timothy Palmer
William Pritchard
Thomas Remington
James Rising
Hugh Roe
Victory Sikes
Thomas Smith
Jonathan Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Michael Towsley
John Trumble/Trumbull
John Warner
Robert Winchell
Robert Woolworth

This is part of my database of Suffield families that I have collected over the years. My intention is to publish this data and more on all of the Suffield Families up to the first Federal Census in 1790, at some future time. The book title will be "Suffield Families, from Settlement to the First Federal Census, 1670-1790"

The data came from many sources, each family group has the sources for the data included in the Reference Numbers. Complete Reference List. There is also an every name index that will get you to the family that includes the name you are looking for.

I would invite comments, additions, and/or corrections to this data from anyone by e-mail or snail mail. Arthur Sikes Jr., Suffield Historical Society Trustee ArtSikes@aol.com

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